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Smile Packs

Would you like to receive a 'Smile Pack', or do you know of someone who would benefit form the service.

The ‘Smile Packs’ will contain everything needed to complete an activity in the home environment without spending money on resources or having to go out to purchase items*. This includes puzzle books, wool patterns, grow pots for flowers, TV magazines and games and quizzes. It will also include information on wider community resources delivered by other services. We will also provide cakes made by local volunteers, following strict guidance around allergies and food hygiene.

We have been waiting for some of the materials and equipment to be delivered, we are still waiting on some, but we expect to start the smile packs from Friday 25th July.

The Smile packs are available for a limited amount of service users, subject to funding, and eligibility

We are putting together the contents while running the food bank, at St Wilfrids Community Centre, and alongside with a food parcel you could receive a smile pack, every week.

Contents are one of the following:

Flower or a plant, Place on your balcony, in your garden or leave it in the pot, totally your choice.
Jigsaw puzzle, a 500 piece jigsaw, various styles for you to build at your leisure, a perfect way to wind down at home. As an escape from the stresses and strains of the day.

Puzzle book, crosswords, word search. Help boost your health and wellbeing during isolation. The A4 puzzle books are large enough, to not strain your eyes while passing the time and keeping your mind active.

Colouring book, adults colouring book with pencils, whether it's for stress or you're just looking to unwind a bit we've probably got a colouring book for you.

Knitting pack, which includes wool, and a pattern to make a small item.

(*we are unable to supply knitting needles.)

The ‘Smile Packs’ are for local, vulnerable citizens who are socially isolated, and whose general well-being is being impacted further due to Covid 19 and social distancing.

The community care box 'Smile pack and Food parcel' shall be delivered, once a week, using strict social distancing.

We have conducted a strict risk assessment and are following government guidelines to operate this project. Full use of PPE will be used to produce these packs.

Please get in touch if your interested or know someone who would benefit. HERE https://www.stwilfridscommunitycentre.co.uk/smile-pack

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