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Projects Update

Been an extremely busy and emotional week.

The HHCV Popup food bank has come to an end, and the last week for delivery and collections from the popup food bank is today, (24/07/2020).

For the last week, deliveries shall go out as normal, and collections the same from 12-3pm at St Wilfrids Community Centre.

For collection we have a large selection of vegetable along with the non-perishables.

The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS), informed us on Monday they would be ending bulk collections, This is where majority of the food came from. We made a lot of positives out of this negative situation, connecting & networking with multiple different organisations and people from like-minded community groups and businesses. We all came together and did what we could to help those who needed it, within our local communities.

We are extremely grateful to The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS), their staff and volunteers, Birmingham City Council, Cllrs Diane Donaldson & Majid Mahmood, PAK Supermarket, PAK Foods, and Galaxy and Sutton Cars, Centrex Cars, for their help and support.

A special thank you to Wates, Ronda D'Aguilar, who saved a potential disaster, Wates came out within 1 hour of a email conversation and repaired the community centre roof, several times. This was threatening the food bank project and it could have ended before we even got started.

Thank you, I shall personally never forget the kindness of everyone throughout this terrible situation and how we have all come together to to help each other.

A very big thank you to all our volunteers that have run the project every week for the last 10 weeks. They were on-site every day that was needed so we always knew what stage we were at, and we moved in right on target each day, and was able to distribute every week without fail. There was some difficult weeks, as we all delivered this emergency project to the local community. While living and coping with our own problems during Covid-19 and manage our mental wellbeing. But we supported each other as we always do and made new connections and friendships.

We have another project starting, The community care box, 'Smile Pack', more on that can be found by following this link: https://www.stwilfridscommunitycentre.co.uk/smile-pack

We may during the ‘Smile Pack’ have surplus food, but we will not know until that particular day/week. When we do, we shall make a social media post, saying what time and what day this is available and contact local community groups to see if we can help, and they can accept the donation for their existing free community projects.

24th July 2020:

Week 10.

Total non-perishable food parcels collected - 68.

Total non-perishable food parcels delivered - 82.

Total fruit and veg packs collected and delivered - 85.

Total Distributed: 235 this week.

Take Care - Stay Safe.

HHCV - Hodge Hill Community Venture

St Wilfrids Community Centre.

Steve Priestley.

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