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Hodge Hill Community Food Club

To reduce the running costs of the food club, we are changing the way you pre-book an appointment to visit us soon.

We are asking all members that use the pre-booking service, to please register as a site member on our website. You can do this by visiting our website www.stwilfridscommunitycentre.co.uk and in the top right select login/signup and follow the instructions on the screen.

You will be asked for some details and your membership number.

Need help?

We can help you with the sign up on your next visit.

Step One:

Visit the website www.stwilfridscommunitycentre.co.uk then in the top right select signup/login.

Step Two:

Login/Signup using Google, Facebook or email your membership is registered with.

Step Two

Step Three.

Confirm your details.

Step Three

Once we have everyone registered as a site member, we will make the switch.

Site members have extra access to additional features coming soon.

Thank you. Take Care - Stay Safe.

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