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HHCV Food Bank Wk 3

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Good morning community. As its raining today, the collection for food parcels shall be from the front door of St Wilfrids Community Centre.

Please note this week we have only had half the normal deliveries of goods for the food parcels, when it gone it gone.

All registered deliveries shall still receive their food parcels as promised, which will be distributed by our fantastic volunteers at some stage today. Those on our standby list, we shall see how many are left at the end at 3pm and contact you if we have spares this week.

Unfortunately with the roofing issues we had, this caused a major issue with our project this week. A HUGE Thank You to Ronda D’Aguilar, and Rich from Wates this week. For the rapid emergency repair of the centres roof, and the ongoing work to permanently repair the problem. Wates and there team are amazing people Thank you.🤝😁https://www.facebook.com/WatesGroupUK/

We are hoping to be back to normal qty by next week, as we are building more connections each day.

Supported By St Wilfrids Community Centre, Hodge Hill Community Venture, Dedicated Volunteers, The Active Wellbeing Society and with special thanks to Councillors Diane Donaldson & Majid Mahmood, PAK Supermarket, PAK Foods, and Galaxy and Sutton Cars , Centrex Cars and Wates.

If you cannot leave your home:

Register for a delivery HERE.

Our project is solely run by volunteers and we are only one of many distributing these supplies and have access to a limited amount each time.

Please see our main project statement HERE.

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