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End of HHCV Popup Food Bank Stats.

HHCV Food Bank Statistics from 22nd May – 24th July 2020.

Between 22nd May 2020 and 24th July 2020, the HHCV popup food bank distributed 2705, Covid-19 emergency food supplies to people in crisis.

Total Volunteered hours: 940.

Sub-total Non-Perishable Food parcels Collected: 1112.

Sub-total Non-Perishable Food parcels Delivered: 915.

Sub-total Non-Perishable Food parcels Collected and Delivered: 2027.

Sub-total Fresh Fruit & Veg parcels Collected and Delivered: 678.

Sub-total Non-Perishable and Fresh Fruit & Veg parcels Collected and Delivered: 2705.

Sub-total Non-Perishable and Fresh Fruit & Veg Goods Handled and Packaged:


Averages @ 12.7 items per food parcel.

Averages @ 207.5 Food bags distributed per week.

How do I know this?

I created from day one, an inventory of goods, stock in and stock out (food items, Non-perishable and fresh). I knew exactly what was in each food parcel every week.

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