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Welcome to Community Arts! Parents, grandparents, teachers and carers - thank you for visiting!

Please bear with us, we shall be adding more activity's as we go along.

We received funding to delivery the crafty kids, which is on pause during the Covid-19 Virus.

We had an idea, where we can add colouring's, puzzles, and other activity's to help you keep your children occupied during the isolation we have all been asked to do.

Below we will add various links to activity's, where you can stay at home and print.

If you can safely leave your home, to post these fantastic creations, or email them to us. we can share them with the elderly within our local community and help cheers them up and let them know someone is thinking of them.

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Colouring Pages

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Basket of Chicks.png
blossom tree.png
Building a nest.png
count the lamb colouring.png
basket of flowers.png
Frog 1.png
spring flowers.png
spring birds.png
spring animals.png

Harry Potter

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Decorate the shield.png

Decorate the Shield

Shield decorations.png

Decorate the Shield - Decorations

striped tie.png

House Ties


Harry Potter


Harry Potter

Use the printable shield template to create your own shield, perhaps for a knights or royal theme.

Here is a set of knightly decorations which you can colour and cut out to use to create your very own coat of arms with our Decorate the Shield activity.

Use this striped tie template for Harry Potter (Hogwarts) tie crafts

More can be found HERE.

(external link to website)

More can be found HERE.

(external link to website)


Origami Sorting Hat

Cut off the white edges, so you have just the square pattern. With the pattern facing down and the blank paper showing, fold the corners into the center. Make sure to watch the lines and make it even.

Fold the corners into the center again to make a smaller square. Crease the edges.

Next, fold the square in half one way. Make a crease. Unfold it. Then, fold it the opposite direction and make another crease.

Then, place your fingers into the bottom of the paper and pop it up to make four little teepees. The "Hat" is ready to start sorting! It is easy to play. Hold the Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat with two hands. Place your thumb and pointer fingers inside the little teepees. Let the person who is being sorted choose one of the images on the top. Either the cauldron, books, snitch or owl.

Each picture has a number associated with it. Open and close the Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat alternating between up and then across with your fingers. For example, if the player chooses the bubbling cauldron, you will make three movements. If the owl was chosen, you make four. Leave the Sorting Hat open on the last count.

Then, the player will choose one of the words on the inside. The words are written in blue, yellow, red and green. Move the Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat as many times as there are letters in the word chosen. The number placed next to the word tells you how many letters are in the word. That way, even those little wizards who aren't great at spelling can still play! Not all of us are Ravenclaws.

Repeat this step three times.

On the fourth word selection, instead of counting out the word, open the flap and read the directions underneath. Four of the words hold a Hogwarts House icon under them. If you get one of these, then you have been officially sorted into a house. Hooray! The other four slots are filled with directions on how to start again. Or, if you are really unlucky, you find out that you are not a wizard at all, but a Muggle! Oh no.

Keep playing until everyone has been sorted into a house with the Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat. 



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preview flowers postcard.png

Flowers Postcard

preview garfield and unicorn

Garfield & Unicorn Postcards

On its way

These will print double sided if your printer allows.

Colour it in, carefully cut it out. 

Post to to your friends and neighbours if safe to do so, and upload it to us and we shall share it with those who need it most. Thank you.

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Post it.

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Email it.

When posting your Art, please include the First name, and age of the artist. Thankyou.

Send us Your Art

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Extra Links

Here are some useful links

Where ever you find your creativity during the school closures, we are asking that, you please send it to us. So we can share it with someone who needs to know others are thinking of them during this worldwide crisis.

Activity Village has thousands of colouring pages, kids crafts, educational resources, puzzles, printables of all sorts, worksheets, sudoku for kids and lots more fun activities for kids!

Some of the content is for members only but, there are still lots to explore.

Please remember to come back and upload or post your ART to us, so we can give it to someone who needs a smile.

More added soon.



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